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Ball Bounce Arcade Course (Clickteam Fusion 2.5)

Let’s dive in the deep end and get developing with Fusion 2.5!

Course Rating:

Students: 3

Language: English

Clickteam Endorsed

What you'll learn

Course Content (Curriculum)

  • Introduction to Ball Bounce Arcade Course
  • Setting up the App in Fusion 2.5
  • Designing our Initial Graphic Elements
  • Importing our Graphics
  • Collision Detection (Fine and Block)
  • Ball (Player) Movement
  • First Events
  • Creating Strings for our Shapes (Fastloops)
  • Implementing Blocks – Points System
  • Destroying Blocks (and Parent Strings)
  • More Triangles
  • Section Review
  • An Introduction to Game Flow
  • Allowing for Movement
  • Restrict Ball Amount
  • Design your First Level
  • Add a Start Marker
  • Ball Trails
  • Shape Effects
  • Explosion Effects for Shapes
  • Detect Shapes Smashed (Level Complete)
  • Detecting the Player Lost
  • Introduction to the HUD Design
  • Designing the HUD
  • Adding SFX
  • Adding Music
  • Adding a Music Tail
  • Designing a Title Screen
  • Designing a Level Select Screen
  • Connecting the Game
  • Save and Load the Player’s Progress
  • Destroy that Bug
  • Final Polish – Part 1
  • Final Polish – Part 2
  • Ball Bounce Arcade – Conclusion



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Requirements: You will need a copy of Clickteam Fusion Free, Standard or Developer for this course. You can use any version, Steam, Mac or Standalone.

Course Instructor

Danny Jay

Danny James

Long-Term Instructor

Instructor Rating


Course Description

Learn how to design and develop your own Arcade game with this Clickteam Fusion 2.5 course online.

This course (taught by Danny James of Clickteam) allows you to explore Clickteam Fusion 2.5 in new ways and experiment by creating a game engine, designing and implementing graphics on-the-fly, importing those graphics and polishing up your arcade game with special effects and a superb arcade ‘look’.

By the end of this course you will have developed the ability to:

  • Create graphics for use in your game
  • Import custom graphics
  • Import Sounds and Effects
  • How to edit sound effects using Goldwave
  • Learn Fastloops
  • Learn ForEach Loops
  • Use Qualifiers to cut down on code size
  • Title Screen Design
  • A Basic Save and Load System

And so much more. This course also contains an additional curriculum section, so when you have completed the course, new ideas, suggestions and new videos will be added so you can further your development with your completed game and add new ideas and polish to your Arcade game development.

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Course Includes

Over 6 Hours of Video Content

5 Downloadable Resources


Access on Mobile, Tablet & TV

Full Tutor Support

Course Forum Access

Course Instructor

Danny Jay

Danny Jay

Long-Term Instructor

Click here to email Danny directly.

Software Developer and VP of Special Projects at Clickteam

I have been actively teaching Game Design, App Development, Networking and Website development since 2013. I really enjoy teaching others what I have learned over the years and it’s a great feat to be able to teach based on my experience also.

For me, to be able to teach in an effective manner, I not only have to be knowledgeable about the topic I am teaching but experience is key. Bringing your experiences into the teaching equation, enables you to share these experiences, give much better advice and planning.

Extended Teaching
Since 2014, I have been teaching actively on Udemy, the ClickFusion Academy and with 1-to-1 online tutoring, mostly via Skype. It’s a real enjoyable experience for me to be able to do this and I hope to continue doing it for many, many years to come.

Game / App Development
I have over 20 years experience with Windows, Software and Game Development. I have worked on numerous games for the PC, Xbox 360, Android, iOS and Flash markets. I have also been professionally developing software applications for desktop, mobile and web since 2011.

I have vast experience in not only programming, game design and development but also with server management which allows me to expand my development onto server-client applications.

Website Design / Development / Server Management
I have extensive experience in designing, building and maintaining computers networks and servers. Since 2005 I have pro-actively dealt in computer networking, designing, building and maintaining infrastructures for businesses around the UK. I also have extensive knowledge of designing and developing Server – to – Client applications.

I have been studying, designing and developing websites since 2001. I have also actively studied SEO on a weekly basis since this time and still to this day, maintain the same pro-active status. I have worked on hundreds of different web projects since 2001 and I am always working with the latest technologies to ensure my skill-set grows with it.

I have grown with technology since 1997. Here is a brief list of technologies I have had the opportunity to work first hand with:

– Flash
– Java
– Javascript
– Clickteam Fusion 2.5
– Game Guru

Please feel free to get in contact with me at any time.

Ratings and Reviews

Ball Bounce Arcade Course
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Paul Foster

Such an excellent course. Yes I got stuck a couple of times but rewatching those episodes fixed it. Really enjoyed following along with this, worth every penny!

 by Fernando Dantas
Excellent course!

Very interesting and enlightening course

Ball Bounce Arcade Course

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