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The All-New OneClick Training

2019 is here and so is the brand new OneClick Training platform and website.

OneClick Training was established back in 2013. We have served the last 6 years full time, providing educational resources, digital courses and content for platforms around the world including Udemy, Clickteam and Academies.

What’s this all about?

The decision was taken mid-2018 to create our own custom web platform to serve all our future content from. There was a multitude of reasons for this decision but two of the biggest reasons were; more control over our content and how it is displayed, distributed and presented and secondly, how well we can communicate with our students of our courses and content.

Using 3rd party platforms is good to target the wider masses, however, we soon realised that what we teach is rather special and niche, so we didn’t need to advertise to a global audience but rather a niche audience.

What does this mean for people who want to learn?

It means that we now have a central ‘hub’ for all of our content, including online courses, our digital courses, a place for notice boards (for physical course attendances) and live events (and live streaming).

It basically means, we can now offer you a more professional, advanced and tailored service from our courses, to tutor communication and so much more.

Lowering costs all around

Now that we have shifted everything over to our own platform, our overheads are much, much less. It means we can now provide our courses and content at a much lower price to everyone as we have less overheads to cater for (Some 3rd parties were crippling us with commissions) – More on this at some point in the future.

Where can I find out more information?

You can find out more information in our FAQ section and by taking a browse around (our lightning fast) website! You can browse our online courses immediately and sign up (enrol) on to them! If you are coming over from another platform (ie: Udemy) then please drop your instructor a message over at Udemy requesting access to the course here on OCT!

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